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The Museum at Allen Unique Autos - Web

- Fashion and function -

As Allen Unique Autos evolved from a limousine service into Grand Junction's premiere and only collector car museum, it was clear that a new website was urgently needed. Because Tammy Allen thinks of her stunning collection of rare and extravagant automobiles as a collection of fine art, the COBB team sought to display a selection of the vehicles as a curator of one-of-a-kind paintings might. A minimal and stark background with subtle pink detail made the perfect homepage platform to showcase the vibrant and exhilarating custom photographs of Tammy's favorites. Once inside the site, users have access to information on how to rent the Museum for parties, fun events at Allen, and even a small sneak peek of the collection. Custom components were built to sell Museum merchandise and admission tickets, as well as an easy to use gallery for the vehicle display. Gorgeous, and informative.

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