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Fruita Treasure Club - Strategy

- Looking out for the little guy -

Sometimes it's tough to be the little guy – and no one knows that feeling better than Fruita, Colorado. As neighboring Grand Junction continues to grow, so does its selection of big-box retailers and nationally franchised restaurants. And in a struggling economy, the big-box stores' lower prices and national marketing campaigns were making it nearly impossible for Fruita's local business owners to compete.

When brainstorming ways to invigorate Fruita's comsumer base, it was clear that a simple "Buy Local" campaign wouldn't be enough to inspire real change in consumer's habits – Fruita's local shops needed a substantial shot in the arm to keep them going. After several lengthy and involved strategic planning sessions, it was decided that Fruita needed an incentive based program designed to change consumer behavior, and inspire Fruita's residents to rediscover the retailers in their own backyard. The result was a citywide campaign called the Fruita Treasure Club, and boy, did it work. It started with a direct mailer to every Fruita household, outrageous deals and promotions at Fruita's local shops, and a few fun games in between. Sales tax revenue increased dramatically, and shop owners were shocked at the immediate surge of business.

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