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City of Grand Junction - Public Policy

- Can we all just talk this out? -

When we sometimes find it difficult to talk even to our best friend, how can an entire community work out a thorny issue? Just listen.

When the Grand Junction Public Safety Initiative fell short of gaining public funding, City Council went back to the drawing board to solve the problem of aging and inadequate safety facilities. Using the insights of thousands of citizen comments, we submitted a recommendation to "… find public support through a well-articulated citizen mandate … to underpin a new plan with positive public sentiment." And further that "a new measure … should not be tied to any election cycle, but rather come as an organic outcome of genuine public dialog."

What became known as the Citizen Mandate was adopted by the Council, and under their direction, lead to the Public Safety Listening Tour, a measure designed to facilitate two-way public dialog. A close working partnership with the City was the engine of success. The 18-month project experienced tensions typical of pubic policies issues, but resulted in a set of well-developed citizen directives that Council used to direct new thinking.

Ah – sweet communications!

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