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Allen Unique Autos - Brand Launch

- Ready, Set, Whoa! -

When Allen Unique Autos launched a newly formed division of their already successful business, the only thing that was briefly overlooked was the actual launch! Can you say T-Minus 20 days and counting? That was the time remaining to deliver a brand theme, custom tradeshow booth, brochures, literature racks, car cards and a website. But what a delicious subject.

Tammy Allen is a well-known connoisseur of rare and unique automobiles. With her marketing minded daughter Misty, a chauffeured transportation service was launched with the dream of putting the fleet in a position to be enjoyed by many. Tammy's bold and beautiful style set the palette for all good things that came. With lots of pink and filigree, we crafted a tailor made brand as exotic as its owners.

Airbrushed effects, California kitsch, and custom everything set the tone, right down to the tradeshow booth replete with exposed chrome bars and industrial rivets. Literature was designed to quicken the pulse of the viewer and drive traffic to the website, where lead capture techniques were in place to get bookings on a roll.

Four weeks…head to hand. Divine!

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