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In a world filled with million dollar athletes and thousands of professional sports teams making daily headlines, we wondered if there was room in the sports news world for a story about a small baseball tournament and the community that started it 50 years ago.

Every May, Grand Junction's Junior College World Series brings young baseball players from all over the country to compete for the championship. JUCO's dedicated athletes and loyal fans capture a level of nostalgia and genuine love for the game that's sometimes hard to see in the major leagues. . .the anticipation, the adrenaline, the bonds between teammates. This story's pitch needed to appeal to the media in a heartfelt way, and convince them to take a chance and see what this western Colorado community has been cultivating for five decades worth of baseball fans.

After dozens of hours of story crafting, the pitch was distributed to sports reporters, editors, and producers at news outlets across the nation. Weeks of intense follow up ensued, and the story was retold over the phone and through emails hundreds of times. Then, a few months before the tournament, national publications like the Sporting News and Baseball America began running the story. National Public Radio conducted interviews about the history of the tournament. Regional papers that usually only printed a few sentences about the tournament began running multi-page stories.

By the end, JUCO received over a $160,000 in national press, and baseball fans all over the world learned about a place in western Colorado where they can visit each May to experience baseball the old fashioned way.

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