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Artemis - Reject

- Lost but not forsaken -

They say the brilliance of good marketing is not what you come up with, but what you're willing to let go of. It can be painful, but it's not uncommon to ditch great material in the interest of focus. Sacrifices are made as the navigational course of the company is set on both nuanced outcomes, and long-term objectives.

This logo was developed during a recent rebranding exercise. Based on the company's business approach and their nearly universal love of hunting, it resulted in a powerful icon of the Greek goddess Artemis. All sorts of supporting copy lines were written to engage the entrepreneurial spirit, and give the potential customer a feeling of empowerment: Follow your instincts; Seek distinction; Set your own course.

Alas, this logo and its copy work did not make the final cut, however, it received its own affirmation. Brian posted it on an international design forum where it hit the top ten list and remained there for weeks. Designers from all over the world chimed in on their love of this logo mark and its tag.

Perhaps the home for this great mark has not yet been found. Its destiny awaits!

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