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The here and now

Today, COBB & Associates employs an in-house team of highly skilled communications professionals covering every discipline from press to electronic communications. COBB is the most experienced firm in western Colorado, and one of the oldest in the state.

All that experience adds up to knowing what works. When you've been down the road that many miles, you naturally begin to pave the way.

Family roots

Drafting tables in bedrooms. Recording studios in basements. Cigarettes and newspapers. Coffee and Gin. Preparing pitches until 2 am. Letraset at the dining room table. Cue microphone.

Larry Cobb founded the firm in 1970 in his bedroom. He was the kind of ad man the characters in Mad Men are based on – sans the infidelity. He was a deeply genuine man with a graceful spirit, a grateful heart, a pitch as smooth and cool as ice cream, and a temper that could flare out like the Fourth of July.

Larry never met a person he couldn't find something to respect about, and he set a foundation for the firm on that expectation. As a matter of honor, he refused to require contracts to do business. He said, "If we do good work they'll keep us, and if they take advantage of us it didn't cost much to find out about them." We still do business that way.

There are lots of funny, quirky, touching and memorable stories about Larry Cobb, and it seems like everyone always has one to add. Some of his friends call them "Cobbies." He had lots of great friends. They all came to bid him adieu when he died in 2006, and they became friends and mentors to the firm.

We'd like to thank all of you for that. Your gift is what drives us now to serve our community and others. It's something we expect from ourselves, so we make time for it. We even wrote a company policy for it.

As his daughter, I sat at that dining room table with the Letraset and came to view marketing as something as natural as breathing air. From a very young age, my sisters, my mom, and I voiced his radio commercials, ran his equipment, fulfilled his co-op claims, and were generally a part of the fabric of the firm. I never shook the bug, so I bought it from him in 2001 and since then we've had the fortitude and good fortune to realize four-fold growth. We have a reputation for unwinding sticky wickets, which is a match with our firm's core principle:

Strategy first.

People don't really change. They just change the way they talk to each other. So when you base your strategy on sound, foundational principles, today's modern communications tools just look like a box full of new toys to us.

Yellow pads and typewriters. Mac 512, IMAC, G4, G5, MacMini, PowerBook, AirBook, iPad.

Perhaps COBB & Associates will survive another forty years. That would make it 2051. I hope so, because the ride is a blast and I sure would like to see others have as much fun with it as I've had. If it does make it that far, I trust the founding principles that Larry Cobb set in 1970 and that I took up in 2001 will endure. I think they will – because people don't really change. What's important today was important decades ago, and I'll bet it will still be important decades from now. We base our business promise on it:

Integrity • Simplicity • Creativity

That's the way I remember it.

Teri Cobb - Cavanagh


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